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Crisis in HONDURAS


Tuesday, October 27, 6 p.m.

777 U.N. Plaza
44th St. & 1st Ave., Manhattan
Take 4, 5, 6 to 42nd St.

October 28 marks the four-month anniversary of the military coup in Honduras. The illegal and criminal coup on June 28th deposed democratically elect­ed President Manuel Zelaya, installed Roberto Micheletti as de facto president and ushered in a wave of repression against the Honduran people.

With each passing day, the political situation in Honduras becomes ever more critical. Despite international condemnation, the Organization of American States discussions with the illegal golpistas are going nowhere. The U.S. govern­ment has done nothing to resolve the crisis, inadvertently aiding the fraud government. The golpistas are desperately buying time for elections in November.

It is urgent that the solidarity and anti-war movement escalate its opposition to the coup in order to help prevent more bloodshed. Already hundreds of Hondurans have been jailed, beaten and killed. News outlets that report on the resis­tance and oppose the coup have been shut down.

A national solidarity movement is urgently needed to support the Honduran people, the National Front in Resistance Against the Coup, and to support their demands of the restora­tion of President Zelaya and a Constitutional Assembly.

Much is at stake in Honduras today. A defeat of the people’s movement in Honduras would be a setback for the entire continent. It would have ramifica­tions for the progressive and revolution­ary movements in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador. It would mean a victory for the U.S. neoliberal policies that have brought extreme hardship for millions.

From October 7 to October 11, the U.S. Labor, Community and Religious Fact-Finding Delegation traveled to Hon­duras. The delegation met with students and youth, women, religious and labor representatives as well as with the National Front in Resistance Against the Coup. Representatives of the delegation spoke numerous times with President Zelaya. It participated in street protests, including one in front of the Brazilian Embassy in which, as military troops amassed, it was forced to run with the Honduran people.


  • Hon. Jorge Arturo Reina–Ambassador of Honduras to the United Nations
  • Ramsey Clark–former U.S. Attorney General
  • Lucy Pagoada–Honduras U.S.A. Resistencia and member of the fact finding delegation
  • Roberto Quesada–noted Honduran journalist & author; Director of Honduras U.S.A. Resistencia
  • Teresa Gutierrez–lead organizer of the fact-finding delegation
  • Berta Joubert-Ceci–videographer & Director of Philadelphia International Action Center
  • Danilo LaChapel–Director Community Relations, Evangelical Church of the Bronx

Refreshments provided
$5.00 Donation (no one turned away for lack of funds)

The U.N. forum will include eyewitness accounts from the delegation. The delegation included:

  • Michael Gimbel–AFSCME Local 375, Delegate NYC Central Labor Council
  • Heather Cottin–Freeport Workplace Project, Professor, LaGuardia Community College
  • LeiLani Dowell–Nat’l Co-Coordinator, FIST youth group; Managing Editor, Workers World Newspaper
  • Michael Kramer–Veterans for Peace
  • Dave Welsh–Delegate, San Francisco Labor Council
  • Rev. Rigoberto Avila–Episcopal Church, NYC

VIDEO PREMIER ‘Honduras: A People in Resistance’

A video report from the delegation which includes interviews with National Front leader Juan Barahona; Berta Oliva from COFADEH; Carlos Reyes, frmr. Pres. Candidate for Nat’l Front, and most importantly, from the common people who are in the struggle, on the streets.


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